X-ray luminescence sorters

Sorting equipment is widely applied in diamond production industry by making use sensor-based sorting methods of diamond-bearing ore. X-ray Luminescence Sorters have mostly found use in a broad range of diamond recovery solutions.

Functional principle of X-ray Luminescence Sorters is based on diamonds physical property to luminescence under X-ray irradiation which is inherently different to the gangue minerals present.

Benefits of X-ray Luminescence Sorters at a glance:

  • high recovery;
  • effective concentration;
  • low operational costs;
  • low environmental impact.

Bourevestnik, Inc has a great experience and tradition in the area of design and manufacture of X-ray Luminescence Sorters, starting from supply of the world’s first X-ray sorter LS-20 for diamond production industry, back to 1969.

Since then, it has been supplied more than 1600 sorters, where 600 of them in operation.