Research tasks

X-ray fluorescence energy dispersive general purpose spectrometer BRA-135F

Like any other general-purpose X-ray spectrometer intended for detection of a wide range of chemical elements in various materials, BRA-135 may be used in many types of scientific research. First of all, they include the research aimed at creation of new materials and update of manufacturing processes. The following examples may be given:

  • development of new alloys for hypersonic aircrafts and rocket production, new materials for nuclear power engineering, new high-temperature superconducting materials for accelerators, nuclear-fusion reactors and above-ground high-speed passenger hovetrains which are currently under development;
  • update of existing processes and creation of new ones in flotation benefication of mineral products, metal smelting, hydrometallurgical benefication and extraction of rare and dispersed elements.

Learning tasks

General-Purpose X-ray diffractometers DRON-1(M) and DRON-8

Potential users of DRON-7 and DRON-8 are educational and research laboratories majoring in materials science in the broad sense of the words. This includes analysis of the phase and mineral composition of crystal objects, in changing environments as well, assessment of direction of single-crystal samples, analysis of textured and stressed state of polycrystal objects, and solution of more complex tasks such as determination of various structural characteristics of polycrystal materials, including examination of atomic structure examination which requires precision X-ray diffraction data.