X-ray transmission sorter RGS-2

X-ray sorter RGS-2 is designed to enrich diamond material with grain size – 6 + 3mm in the diamond industry. It can operate as a pre-final treatment sorter at reduced throughput.

Principle of sorter operation is based on measurement of X-ray material absorption at two different X-ray radiation energies (dual X-ray energy absorptiometry). It allows separation of materials with different atomic (charge) number (or element number in Mendeleev Periodic Table), i.e. diamonds (Z=6) and rock (Zeff=12).

The primary advantage of RGS-2 over modern X-ray luminescent sorters is the possibility to identify and recover any diamonds from the material flow irrespective of their X-ray luminescence features (poor luminescent or not luminescent).

The sorter includes a sorting section (SS) and electronic section (ES) connected together.

Technical data
Material to be processedDry, dust-free, classified (contents of main class 85% minimum)
Material grain size fraction–6 +3 mm
Material supply and transportation systemFlow type, 4-stream, 1-stage with supply vibrofeeder. 
Optional installation of collectors (tanks) for concentrate and tailings.
Throughput1.2 t/h minimum (– 6 + 3 mm)
number of X-ray tubesTwo (2) X-ray tubes, Mo and W, operating on low and high energy, respectively.
mode of radiationConstant
anode voltage, anode current37 kV, 60 mA (Мо); 60 kV, 42 mА (W)
Detection:Detection module is provided with two rows of X-ray sensitive rulers with cell pitch of 0.4 mm (for channels of low and high energies)
EjectionLocal, pneumatic (with compressed air) 
16-channel stopping mechanism (4 valves per each stream)
Recovery rate98.5 % minimum
Yield per ejection (with maximum capacity)0.6 g
AutomationChecking of main systems prior to start of material supply and in the course of operation (material supply is stopped if fault is detected). Failure indication.
Electric power supply1 phase; (220±22) V; (50±1) Hz
Power consumption8 kVA max.
Flowrate of potable water to cool the tubes4 l/min minimum
Average compressed air flowrate (0.4 MPa)4 m³/min
Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mass:
Sorting section (SS)2900×970×094 mm; 1185 kg
Electronic section (ES)1125×840×2150 mm; 290 kg
Operation Conditions:
Ambient air temperaturefrom + 10°С to + 35°С
Relative humidity (at ambient air temperature + 25°С)SS – up to 100% 
ES – up to 80%
Protection against X-raysSpecially designed construction of the sorter totally protects against the X-ray. Each unit is being tested for safety.
Dimensional and Installation drawing
Process diagram