X-ray transmission sorters

X-ray transmission (XRT) sorters, as well as luminescence sorters, are radiometric separators used for treatment of diamond-bearing ore.

Principle of operation of X-ray transmission sorters is based on the property of the materials to absorb X-ray radiation. The diamond consisting of carbon, which is light element with atomic number 6, absorbs less X-ray radiation compar-ing to the ancillary minerals, which contain heavier elements such as silicon, cal-cium, magnesium, oxygen, iron, etc.

In case of X-ray transmission sorters X-ray radiation is being measured by special sensors after it passed through the particle of mineral. Depending on the intensity of the radiation passed through the particle of mineral we can make the conclusion about atomic number of elements contained in analyzed mineral. Since the diamond consists of light element carbon, the intensity of passed through it radiation will be higher, comparing to the radiation intensity, passed through the particle of ancillary mineral (in case of the same thickness of the particles).

In order to avoid the influence of different thicknesses of the particles to the measurements’ result, we perform consistent measurements for two different values of X-ray radiation energies.

Currently Bourevestnik, Inc. offers two models of X-ray transmission sorters for the enrichment of dry diamond-bearing material with size fractions -6 +3 mm:  
• primary enrichment sorter RGS-2;  
• concentrate retreatment sorter RGS-1.

X-ray transmission sorter RGS-1М

X-ray sorter RGS-1М is designed to enrich diamond material with grain size - 6 + 3mm in the diamond industry.

X-ray transmission sorter RGS-2

X-ray sorter RGS-2 is designed to enrich diamond material with grain size - 6 + 3mm in the diamond industry. It can operate as a pre-final treatment sorter at reduced throughput.