X-ray luminescence sorter LS-20-10 (LS-20-09L)

Sorter LS-20-10 is designed to enrich wet basic diamond ore with grain size – 50 + 20, – 20 + 10 and – 10 + 5 mm.

The sorter operation concept is based on the use of diamonds’ property of  luminescence under X-ray impact and on the difference of those properties with diamonds and associate  luminescent minerals. It is characterised by increased concentration and enhanced recovery of weakly fluorescent diamonds and diamonds of the 2-nd type compared to the company’s model in the same class.

The sorter includes a sorting machine (SM) and an automated control rack (ACR).

Technical data
Material to be processedWet, clean from clay and slurries, classified (fineness from separated class is 5 % max., crushing from separated class is 10% max.)
Material grain size fraction– 50 + 20, – 20 + 10, – 10 + 5 mm.
Material supply and transportation systemContinuous flow system, single-stage (with  gravity feeder. 
Non-single layer supply of material to the analysis area is allowed.
Throughput (maximum)100 t/h (– 50 + 20 mm 
60 t/h (– 20 + 10 mm) 
30 t/h (– 10 + 5 mm)
number of X-ray tubes
Single-sided exposure on material flow by two X-ray tubes; at first, in the tray (preliminary “pumping”), then in the freefall tray in detection area.
mode of radiationPulse type (pulse duration – 0.5 ms; pulse period – 4 ms)
anode voltage, anode current(33-2) kV max.; (330±10) mA
Two-sided material luminescence detection. 
Each receiver is provided with an optic system to localize the detection area; so, the material flow is divided across the width into four detection areas. 
Analogue-to-Digital Processing System; operation both in amplitude-time mode and in special mode (increased selectivity, using kinetic features of luminescence) is possible.
luminescent signals’ receiversphotomultiplier tubes (PMT)
number of detectors, detection channels8 (4 on each side of the material flow).
EjectionPneumatic, with compressed air, by means of solenoid-operated pneumatic valves. 
5-channel stopping mechanism. The valves are actuated according to the certain algorithm depending on detection area, where the object was detected.
Recovery rate98.5% minimum
Yield per ejection (with rated capacity)Max. 1.0 kg (- 50 + 20 mm) 
0.65 kg (– 20 + 10 mm) 
0.4 kg (– 10 + 5 mm)
AutomationChecking of main systems prior to start of material supply and in the course of operation (material supply is stopped if fault is detected). Sensitivity control. Failure indication. Monitoring and control from the APCS of enrichment plant. 
Protection system against unauthorized access to SM, material only if special smart cards are available.
Electric power supply1 phase; (220±22) V; (50±1) Hz
Power consumption5 kVA max
Transportation water flowrate (0.015 MPa)30 l/min minimum
Flowrate of potable water to cool the tubes6 l/min minimum
Flowrate of potable water to wash the windows of photo receptors and tube collimators (0.3 MPa)0.5 l/min max.
Average volumetric compressed air flowrate (0.6 MPa)0.6 m³/min
Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mass:
SM2300×845×2300 mm; 1100 kg
ACR765×555×1745 mm; 230 kg
Operation Conditions:
Ambient air temperaturefrom +10°C to +35°C
Relative humidity (at ambient air temperature + 25°С)SM – to 100% ACR – to 80%
Protection against X-raysSpecially designed construction of the sorter totally protects against the X-ray. Each unit is being tested for safety.
Dimensional drawing
Installation Drawing
Process Diagram