X-ray luminescence sorter LS-OD-50-04-01

Sorter LS-OD-50-04-01 is designed for pre-final and final treatment of concentrate with grain size – 50 + 20, – 20 + 10 and – 10 + 5 mm.

The sorter operation concept is based on the use of diamonds’ property of luminescence under X-ray impact and on the difference of those properties with diamonds and associate luminescent minerals. The mode under reference term “luminiscence and absorption” when the X-ray tube and photo detectors are located on both sides of the material flow is implemented. The effect of difference in X-ray absorption by diamonds and associate luminescent minerals is used. It is equipped with system of contactless concentrate transportation from sorter to glove box. It is provided with reduced service area. It has increased sensitivity and enhanced recovery of type II diamonds.

The sorter includes a sorting machine (SM) and an automated control rack (ACR).