Analytical Instruments

Analytical Instruments

For more than half a century Bourevestnik Inc. has been creating devices for the needs of different industries and areas of scientific and technical activities such as mining and ore dressing industry, atomic power energetics, oil refining, metallurgy and machine industry, electronic industry, nanoindustry and environmental monitoring, at every turn improving the technologies with regard to progressive market requirements.

High technical level and quality of the output products still remain the guiding lines of our activities, along with custom-built approach of solving specific tasks , rendering of comprehensive support including personnel training, after-sales service, technical and software maintenance.

The company produce analytical instruments including the well-known series of diffractometers DRON , spectrometers BRA-135F, analyzers, sulfur in petroleum ASE-2 and ASV-2 analyzers for mining ARF-7 and AR-35, as well as water analyzer EMIS-3. All products Bourevestnik, Inc. has established itself as a reliable analytical instruments.

X-ray diffraction analysis

General-Purpose X-ray diffractometer DRON-7

X-ray diffractometer DRON-7 is able to solve a wide range of powder diffraction tasks. Independent rotation around axes.

General-Purpose X-ray diffractometer DRON-7M

X-ray diffractometer DRON-7M is able to solve a wide range of powder diffraction tasks. Independent rotation around axes. DRON-7M model is free from radiation safety inspection and from special requirements for installation and personnel.

General-Purpose X-ray diffractometer DRON-8

General purpose X-ray diffractometer DRON-8 with vertical theta - theta goniometer and sample horizontal position enables to perform X-ray diffraction analysis of phase composition, structural state and orientation of heavy large-size and irregular-form samples.

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

X-ray fluorescence energy dispersive general purpose spectrometer BRA-135F

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer BRA-135F is able to detect simultaneously about 20 chemical elements less than 200 sec

X-ray fluorescent energy dispersive sulfur analyzer ASE-2

X-ray radiation of low duty X-ray tube converted by primary radiation filters excites the fluorescence radiation of atoms of the sample under examination. Radiation flows (primary radiation scattered on the sample and secondary fluorescence radiation) comes in proportional gas meter and sulphur atom fluorescence radiation (SKa) is separated from radiation with other energies by means of selective filters.

X-ray wavelength dispersive sulfur analyzer ASW-2

X-ray wavelength dispersive sulphur analyser ASW-2 is used for the measurement of mass concentration of the sulphur in un-leaded gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, kerosene, petroleum residues, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, jet engine fuel and other types of cutter oil.

X-ray wavelength dispersive flowstream pulp analyzer AR-35

Analyzer AR-35 is designed for continuous X-ray fluorescence on-stream analysis of solutions, suspensions and pulp products of ore processing. AR-35 can simultaneously measure the concentration of 8 (eight) chemical elements in the processed product thus saving time and reducing cost of element identification.

Specialized X-ray wavelength dispersive analyzer ARF-7

Specialized wavelength-dispersive XRF analyzer based on the Cochois scheme is designed for high-precision determination of chemical elements U, Th, Mo, Au, W, Tl, As, Pb as well as other elements in ores, rocks and when developing the technogenic fields.

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