Equipment for the diamond mining industry

Bourevestnik Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturer of X-ray sorters for the diamond industry. Production of the enterprise is successfully operated by diamond companies of Angola, South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Russia.

Main advantages of X-ray sorters are: efficiency, high selectivity and recovery, high performance, low environmental impact and low operating costs.

The range of X-ray sorters of Bourevestnik Inc covers all stages of enrichment of diamond materials: from the primary enrichment of ore to the final concentrate re-treatment. Over the years the enter-prise has produced more than 1600 sorters, over 600 of which are currently in operation.

Specially designed construction of sorters totally protects against the X-ray. Each unit is being tested for safety.

Analytical instruments

For more than half a century Bourevestnik Inc. has been creating devices for the needs of different industries and areas of scientific and technical activities such as mining and ore dressing industry, atomic power energetics, oil refining, metallurgy and machine industry, electronic industry, nanoindustry and environmental monitoring, at every turn improving the technologies with regard to progressive market requirements. High technical level and quality of the output products still remain the guiding lines of our activities, along with custom-built approach of solving specific tasks , rendering of comprehensive support including personnel training, after-sales service, technical and software maintenance. The company produce analytical instruments including the well-known series of diffractometers DRON , spectrometers BRA-135F, analyzers, sulfur in petroleum ASE-2 and ASV-2 analyzers for mining ARF-7 and AR-35, as well as water analyzer EMIS-3. All products Bourevestnik, Inc. has established itself as a reliable analytical instruments.