X-ray fluorescence energy dispersive general purpose spectrometer BRA-135F

Among almost all instrumental analysis methods used in criminalistics, XSFA takes a special place because it allows to avoid destroying an object, thus an exhibit remains. Usually criminalistics books refer to individual examples of XSFA use for solution of crimes, which allow distinguishing the most typical cases of this method application. They include:

  • analysis of alloys connected to accidents caused by equipment failure;
  • analysis of jewellery alloys and items made of them for the purpose of theft and forgery control;
  • analysis of glass fragments and lacquer coating particles in case of car accidents;
  • detection of sings of heavy metals on victim’s clothes or skin to specify the distance of shooting or stabbing;
  • detection of origin and/or adulteration of certain foodstuffs (including mineral water, tea, coffee, wine) and medicine, basing on their composition.

Analysis of Suspect Substances and Objects at Customs Check

X-ray fluorescence energy dispersive general purpose spectrometer BRA-135F

These substances and/or objects include precious metals and items made thereof, ancient coins, antiques, items banned for import or export, objects of art, and others.

General-Purpose X-ray diffractometers DRON-7(M) and DRON-8

Diffractometers DRON-7 and DRON-8 are used for detection and identification of explosive sub-stances, narcotic drugs, jewellery, as well as cultural and archeologic values smuggled out of the country.